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Best of 2009!



(500) days of Summer: The most refreshing romantic comedies for a long time. Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon Levitt
The Ugly Truth: The Romantic Comedy that actually makes you laugh out loud. Katherine Heigl & Gerard Butler
The Twilight Saga: New Moon: Okay, I hated this last year but I love it now. I just try to forget Rob and Kristin. Nikki Reed, Ashley Greena, Kellen Lutz & Jackson Rathbone
Changeling: Sobbed so much, the acting was just amazing and it wasn't what I was expecting. Angelina Jolie 
Taken: I just watched this last night and fell in love with it. It just flows and doesn't mess about with pointless plot lines. Liam Neeson & Maggie Grace
Table for Three: Most won't have heard of this but I loved it. Yes, it was stupid but it's a feel good movie. Jennifer Morrison & Sophia Bush
He's just not that into you: Wasn't sure what to think as I hated the book, not sure if I could watch it again.
Marley & Me: Got some really bad reviews from friends but I still sobbed and broke my heart at the movie. Owen Wilson & Jennifer Aniston
Yes Man: Normally hate Jim Carrey's work but it wasn't over the top which is why I loved it. Zooey Deschanel & Jim Carrey
Confessions of a Shopaholic: I went to see this with my mum and we were just so charmed by Isla, she's such a doll! Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Krysten Ritter

Private Practice: This season and season 2 are better than Greys has been and the acting is miles better. Kate Walsh & KaDee Strickland
Glee: Like most people, I've loved this. It's just so easy to fall in love with and is actually believable unlike other shows. Lea Michele, Dianna Agron & Jayma Mays
How I Met Your Mother: I started watching it over the summer and fell in love. I'm addicted one day I practically watched a whole season! Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan & Cobie Smulders
Grey's Anatomy: The only reason this is on is because of the lack of Meredith this season and how the crossover looks amazing! Also because of Callie/Arizona! Katherine Heigl, Jessica Capshaw, Sara Ramirez & Eric Dane
Bones: After Private Practice, this has to be a favorite, the acting is out of this world as well as the chemistry. Some storylines are stupid but that's part of its charm. Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz & Michela Colin
True Blood: Hot cast, Vampires and Sex, Need I say more? Kristin Bauer, Alexander Skarsgard, Deborah Ann Woll & Evan Rachel Wood
Modern Family: SO MUCH LOVE! It's one of the best comedies around. Its a family that I could see as being real. Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell & Rico Rodriguez
30 Rock: It's been a fav for a long time but Modern Family and Glee feel new and fresh compared to this now. Tina Fey & Alec Baldwin
X-Factor: I wasn't going to put reality tv in this but this season was amazing. There wasn't a clear winner and the judges were perfect this year! Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell & Dannii Minogue

Ashes to Ashes: I can't saw a lot since I just saw the last episode but I have to watch next season! Keeley Hawes & Philip Glenister
The Singles Collection: Britney Spears. Song: 3
I know the last greatest hits was just brought out two albums ago but it was needed to keep her going between Circus and her new album for next year
The Fame Monster: Lady Gaga. Song: Bad Romance
I love Lady GaGa but The Fame was made of fillers outside of the singles. But the Fame Monster, every song could be a single!
3 Words: Cheryl Cole. Song: Three Words Feat
Not a lot of people thought this album would be as amazing as it was. Cheryl was always seen as the 'pretty girl with the geordie accents that cries a lot from Girl's Aloud' but the music is different from Girls Aloud and proves herself as a solo artist
Rated R: Rihanna. Song: Russian Roulette
Another artist I didn't think a lot of until this album but it's just amazing. Russian Roulette stands out compared to the rest however.
Glee Soundtrack. Song: Keep holdin' on
The song is my most played on my ipod, I could listen to it all day and helps when I'm having a really bad day.

 Kate Walsh - Private Practice
She's the inspiration for my hair style, my drama gcse performance was based on Addison. She's been through a tough year with her divorce but she's kept her head held high. She's made us laugh in interviews, she made us fall in love with the character we were meant to hate. She has so much passion for what she believes in. She's the perfect role model.
Jennifer Morrison - Star Trek, Table for Three & House
I stopped watching House, I refused to watch her last episode. But she left the show with so much dignity, she refuses to say anything bad and just gets on with her job. There needs to be more people in the world like her who just don't kick off over the smallest things. She's also a sensational actress.
Emily Deschanel - Bones
As much as Emily will more than likely be known as Zooey's older sister for a while longer, she shouldn't just be known as that. She's not stick thin which I love her for, she seems comfortable in her own body and stands up for what she believes in. She's beautiful and her eyes are so enchanting. I have such a girl crush on her!
Zooey Deschanel - (500) days of Summer, Yes Man & Bones
Not only is she an actress who made me love Summer which I never expected but she can't half sing. Most actresses who turn to be singers suck at it, but she has the talent to do both. She broke the normal 'indie chick' she plays in Bones and delivered her lines perfectly and made me care for her character in the few minutes she was on screen.
Katherine Heigl - The Ugly Truth & Grey's Anatomy
I think she gets the most stick for just saying the truth. So what if it's maybe not the best thing to say but she thinks what's on her mind. If a guy said it no one would say anything but because she's a female she gets shit for it. I think she needs to be praised for standing up for her beliefs. And her acting gets me every time, I still cry when she breaks down in the Season 2 finale of Greys.
Cheryl Cole - X-Factor, Singer & Girls Aloud
Being from the North, I've always rooted for Cheryl but the last two years she's broken away from Girls Aloud without leaving them. After seeing the group of tour, she seemed so comfortable on stage and in her home town. She stood by her husband when he cheated but laid down ground rules and loves him no matter how much he's an ass for her. She seems like the perfect person but she's not afraid to let people see her weak.
Porsia De Rossi - Better off Ted
She's amazing in Better off Ted, she's one of the reasons I watch it, her timing is perfect and her facial expressions. Also, her and Ellen are the cutest couple and you can tell that they love each other deeply.
Eric Dane - Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice
I'm so hoping that he's going to end up in Private Practice. I don't really like him as himself if he's anything like his wife but I think he's an amazing actor. He can shine when needed to but also knows when he needs to take a back seat and doesn't try to steal what's meant to be going on in the scene. And him and Kate Walsh are so hot together!
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - (500) days of Summer & Brick
Brick was one of the weirdest movie's I've ever seen in his life but he was the hot geek. But I really noticed him in 500 days, his chemistry with Zooey was amazing. He delivered his lines spot on and made you feel sorry for him without pittying him.
David Boreanaz - Bones, Angel & Buffy
Need I saw more than just look at him! I started watching Buffy and Angel because I wanted to see what he was like before Bones. The characters are so different but he feels so comfortable. He seems like a sweet playful guy who would be such a good friend.
Bones: Brennan & Booth
The hottest couple on tv and they're so meant to be together. There always there for each other, play perfect couples when they're undercover and she asked him to be the father of her child! Even if it never happened. I can't wait for the rest of the season to see what happens and I'm really hoping I'm not let down.
(500) days of Summer: Summer & Tom
The couple that never was, the story was refreshing, I wanted them together from the start and it broke my heart that they didn't end up together like what would happen in a normal romantic comedy.
Private Practice: Addison & Kevin
Yet again, Shonda refuses to let Addison be happy for once. These two worked because he was everything that Addison needed. He had nothing to do with her past, nothing like the life she came from. He showed her what real life was like, she let him eat noodles off her back. I hate Archer for splitting them up and Wyatt for getting between them.
Glee: Emma & Will
I always cheer for the mistress, I don't know why. But Matt and Jayma made me fall in love with them. They're made for each other, she doesn't mind getting close to each other. And really, Terri's just a crazy bitch and Ken's annoying.
The X-Factor - Cheryl Cole & Simon Cowell
So she's married and he can't settle down but they act like a married couple. They bicker all the time, he reduces her to tears then hugs her and kisses her forehead. He makes comments about her breasts coming out of her dress on live tv, he can't take his eyes off her and his hands always on the back of her chair. If she wasn't married to Ashley, you just know they would be together. 
How I met your mother: Robin & Barney
They had so much potential, they still could have been themselves but in a relationship. It would have been nice to deal with Barney struggling to give up the playboy lifestyle. They have to be the Ross/Rachel of this show!
Twilight Saga: Nikki Reed & Kellen Lutz
They have the most perfect chemistry when they're on screen and seem to have so much fun together off screen. Mostly love them on screen and in the books but they look amazing in magazines and photoshoots together!
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