Becki <3 (labelorlove) wrote in we_wanna_party,
Becki <3

Emily Deschanel 5 photoshoots

This is for picspammy five challenge again, I love all of Emily's photos but these are the ones
that I love the most and make her beauty stand out even more.

I've always loved this photoshoot, I think that it makes her eyes look amazing and the coloring of 
the shots make her best features stand out.

I don't know why I love this one as much as I do, mostly the bottom two pictures but she just looks
so beautiful and the playful look in her eyes

Yet again her eyes, they're seriously the best part of her but she has some serious type looks and
playful looks which just shows the different sides of her perfectly.

I love her hair color and the color of her dress shows off her skin tone

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I think this is easily my favourite, her eyes look amazing in this, her cheek bones, just everything
is flawless and it shows that she is truly beautiful from all angles.
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